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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Friday Confessional, April 3rd

Confession Number 26:  I feel super-fabulous-sexy in wigs.  I walk even taller, strut out just a little more, and sometimes wink at strangers.  It doesn't even matter what type of wig - I've rocked the little black bob, a head-full of Southern blonde curls, and a massive, bouncing afro (and that's the very best - I feel HOT in an afro!).  In my next life, I'm destined to be Sydney Bristow.

Confession Number 52:  I eat disturbing amounts of cottage cheese.  You know, the big tubs?  I can polish one of those off in 3 days flat.  Sometimes that's just about all I'll have for dinner (with pita chips for the dipping as part of my balanced meal).  It's ok, you can be grossed out (I sometimes am).


BC said...

I've switch to the 'other side', I'm now a TP Folder.

UmberDove said...

Oh that's juicy. I can't believe you just admitted to that, here, here on the interwebs!

jordan said...

i love that you two have conversations on this blog when really you could just talk to each other face to face. but i love that you share it with us ;)

confession: i HATE it when people hang toilet paper and paper towel the 'wrong' (underhand) way. it bothers me to no end, especially at work where it happens all the time. i think maybe i need to cure myself of this uber-analness. (ps - the word verification is 'forth' - maybe this is a sign i need to 'move forth' and quit worrying about how other people hang the freaking toilet paper...)

i love other people in wigs - i have a couple friends who look AMAZING in them.

HeddyShea said...

Hi Umber!

Just wanted to say that I love, love, love your style. Everything from your photographs, fashion, artistic ability and your witty sense of humor and awesome writing ability! You are so very talented! Just thought I should let you know!

Raspberry Orchid said...

Grossed out? I'm slouchin' on the couch right witcha, girl. I admire your ability to eat extensive amounts of anything. You know that.

UmberDove said...

UH! The backwards toilet paper hangers - who does that! The only thing worse is that single-ply business that adheres to itself like velcro and you end up stranded in a public bathroom desperately spinning the roll praying for a square or two unstick.

Wait, that's happened to you too, right?

And HeddyShea - SMOOCH! You put a big ol' cheezer on my face so thank you sweetie!

And Miss Orchid - All I can say is "you fold the chip bag inside itself so as to not get chip grease on your sleeves."

thewindhover said...

Gah! I love love love cottage cheese too. Esp with fresh avocado. I could really live off that.

And a confession?
I like eating in the bath... peeling a fresh orange or eating a cup of frozen raspberries.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I'm tardy.
But the truth is, I confess, I'm always late for everything.

Secondly, about that cottage cheese, I like to fill the middle of a half cantaloupe or honeydew melon and munch it down that way...though let it be known, I am very VERY picky when it comes to which cottage cheese brand I purchase. Some are too soupy.

BC said...

Plume- completely agree, the brand and type of cottage cheese is crucial. I prefer large curd over small, and there are a couple of brands that I avoid due to soupiness.