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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Growing The Range

Across the water, jutting above the cityscape

Separated by the thinnest veil of violet marine mist
Lays the Olympic Range.

When I first moved to Seattle I was enamored with the Space Needle.  Every time I left my house, walked out the back door there it was, shiny and significant, saying "Hello, Yes, you ARE indeed living here, feeling my rain and playing in my streets."  But after the first few weeks, my gaze extended far to the West to the craggy peaks of the mountains.  Their voice is ancient and deep, muffled by years of snow clinging to oceanic crust, thrust high in the sky.   They smile gently at the Needle's boastful and trilling voice, knowing they will remain upright far longer.

(The Range, Discovery Park, Wa  April 2009)

(Detail of The Range)

(The Range and the REAL Range)

In other news, there are only a few days left in the UmberDove April Birthday Contest!  If you've not send me your birthday story then get typing!  The last day to email me is this Saturday April 11th.  And believe me, your story IS something I want to read!


catholicbeer said...

This just left me speechless.. I'm not sure why... you are cool.

BC said...

I agree with that ^

mme. bookling said...

fing beautiful!

one of my favorite enviroscapes you have done to date. the color palate and expert blending is stunning.

Raspberry Orchid said...

Aw, Belle. Exquisite. But did I catch you saying "veil" ?

UmberDove said...

thank you Thank You my loves!

(and yes, mai Orchid, there is a veil, muahaha!)

thewindhover said...

My Dove, this is magnificent...

she said...


Sam Thompson said...


Sam Thompson said...

i am sam.
sam isn't sam.