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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Me mums is in town, being positively romanced by the perfect Seattle Spring weather.  We've taken advantage of the sweet cherry blossoms and the dazzling daffodils by spending the majority of our time together strolling the streets of my fair city, hitting up street fairs and coffee shops, laughing in the sunshine and hiking along the beaches.

(When at Archie McPhee, home of all strange novelty gifts, random foreign toys, and bizarre leftovers from patent-pendings-gone-wrong.  She a gypsy and I a rocker, and a dismembered leg thrown in for kicks)

Well it's now time to run!  We've got a couple of hot dates at the tattoo parlor for some new ink!  Photos to come!


thewindhover said...

Oooo your mum definietely rocks. And that cardigan is marvellous; full of colour and impact. Please do share photos of the new ink!

Melissa said...

You look so much like your mom (or at least as well I could tell through the hippy/rocker garb).

New ink! How fabulous! I've been thinking of going in before the summer properly hits.

Michaela Dawn said...

Kelly, your mum sounds like a doll, she raised one for sure! Thank you for sharing, makes me want to call my mother and go out for some cherish-able fun:)

Mum said...

I wish everyone could see your wonderful environmental installations in person. Photos are great, but just don't do them the justice they deserve.
I miss you and Seattle terribly. Can't wait till next time.

PS... my beautiful ink fern frond is fabulous, VERY tender and a wee bit scabby. Oh, the price we pay for beauty!