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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Bird in the Hand

Good Noon to you!
I'm not quite ready to admit that the morning has passed, but clearly the clock is reading afternoon, and therefore almost cheese-and-apples-hour.

I've been working this week on my 2011 art show schedule - very exciting things in the works! - details to come as the times approach!  In the meantime, I will be offering a selection of my works in les ol' Etsy shop for a limited engagement.  Some of these works you may have seen, some had been offered only as prints in the past, and some are brand spanking new.  The paintings below are the first; I'll be slowly adding to the shop over the weekend starting now!

(Full story-titles and descriptions can be found in the Etsy Listings)

The Gloaming
12" x  4"
Santo DeeDee
4" x 4"
Receiving Messages: See
4" x 4"
Searching the Forest for the Trees
5" x 5"
Be Here And Now
8" x 8"

In other news, BC is taking me out tonight for the Official Celebratory Dinner and Drinks and Hot Tubs!  I plan on lounging in a steamy cedar tub under the open skies with a full belly and a contented heart, letting the music of rain fall on my shorn head.


Enchante' said...

Darling lady, I'm wishing you the best eve!
and those works of utter umber dove art will go fast-fast-fast!

and godspeed!

Sara said...

Hooray for painting! Hooray for hours lost within the studio! And special hoorays for special celebrations!

DalaHorse said...

I love them all!

UmberDove said...

ME TOO! But then again, I love all my painting babies...

Anonymous said...

you night out sounds like heaven!

love the work...gorgeous

love and light