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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sketchbook Writings

~ From my Sketchbook Writings, Sunday March 20th 2011 ~
(At the summit of the Trinidad Head Trail)
(In the lightest rain the heavens could drop)
Up here the air is thick.  Rich.  Each mouthful a culinary experience.  Up here the wind has tidied her kitchen, taming the brush into an orderly existence, perfectly uniform curves and closely shorn foliage.
I check in on my senses one by one, lest I'm overwhelmed with all this peak has to offer.  When I open my mouth I can taste the sea.  I detect a hint of sweetness from the sugared blooms, each pink saucer smaller than my fingernail, a tang that causes my jaw to clench from the years of detritus below my feet, a chalkiness from limestone grinding away, and finally a bright note that can only be attributed to the ten thousand trilliums raising their holy faces to the wind.  My undeniably human odor is mixed in there too; I wonder if the sparrows sense me on the air, breath in all my idiosyncrasies, if my scent compliments the rich soup of this coastal air.


Anonymous said...

I am sure your scent enhances the soup sister!
Will be partaking of the ocean in 3 short days....
can't wait to breather her in!

gorgeous images
gorgeous words
gorgeous you

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

No overnight parking?!! Great to see you Mrs K! xx

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh I love love love these pictures.

and words.


marie bell said...

thank you for taking my wintery soul to the mountaintop: thank you for taking my spirit to the water.


resolute twig said...

such lovely photos and words...
I think its time for another trip to the ocean.

Nancy*McKay said...

YOU amaze me...
YOU are an ocean of
flying high and free!


UmberDove said...

Cat - oh HOORAY! breathe her in sister, commune!

MLJ - Sassy little birds.

Sunny - Want to know something grand? You've been there, parked right behind that sign. With me.

Marie - With pleasure!

Twig - There is pretty much never a time to NOT go...

Nancy - smooch!