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Friday, March 25, 2011

Soulful Armor and a Cuff of Hareish Proportions

A broad slice of soulful armor.
A supple weight against the chest.
A reminder of balance between that which we put on and that which we shed.
I've been a bit obsessed lately with this idea.  The thought that sometimes, letting go is the only way to move forward.  That our bodies are so wise, that the release of what is no longer necessary doubles as our best line of defense.  And perhaps most importantly, that we may gift the dust of our bodies back to the earth, not in death but in life.  That the soil of our hearts will grow richer through the detritus of our experience.  That when we open our clenched fingers and let the wind roll over our palms we do not lose anything at all.  Suddenly our breath comes freer and our hearts beat stronger.
* * * * *
A Jackrabbit Totem Cameo Cuff.
For one who has looked deep into the eyes of the wild things and found something that resonates right to their core.
A reminder to leap with faith when the time is now, to trust our own hearing, that clear voice of intuition, to understand both stillness and speed as virtue.


Joyful said...

Happy Friday to you too! Love the colours in your recent works. So vibrant and joyful.

I hope you have an excellent day. As for me, I've been working a lot already this week doing Spring cleaning and household maintenance stuff. So today, I am just kicking back, puttering, reading, enjoying. xx

UmberDove said...

I think puttering constitutes an art form all of it's own. And now that you mention it, I think my house may be clearing it's throat with a little "eh hem. zee spring is come. zee cleaning ought begin."

UmberDove said...

Also, I was unaware until this moment that my house had an accent.

Anonymous said...

beautiful words, beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Happy Late Saturday morning Kelly...
Puppy Prince and I have walked through the rainforests and kissed the ocean already this morning.
I am away with hubby to celebrate our union, but hubby is under the weather : (
However the Sun has come out to tickle our faces and is enticing the hubby to venture on out.
In an hour from now I hope to be at the Oceans Edge, fire crackling, journal out, Strong Bow in hand and pen in the other, while She and I converse......

living with heart wide other way to live!
love your words and work as always

love and light

Carrie said...

You are so inspring, I am loving this journey with you and thank you so much for letting me in a little.
The Hare Cuff would be amazing statement piece to cover all the scars on my wrist and give me strength and power when I would look at it. (They don't bother me so much now but other people find it unsettling). I am sure there are many out there who (maybe without the literal scars) will feel the same. A powerful totem - I wish the wearer well as I wish you well.

UmberDove said...

Blythe, thanks muchly miss!

Cat, that sounds beyond divine. I'm nearly green hearing the words "ocean edge, crackling fire and journal" all in the same sentence. I would hope it to be perfect, but I have a feeling it already is.

Carrie - Dear lady, please know that when I say thank you for really seeing my work, I mean it with all my heart and soul.

Joyful said...

He. he...your house's french accent is marvellioux...Hugs.

marie bell said...

one day, an umber dove cuff for my wrist: for the moment-to-moment reinforcement of love and strength it would provide.
for now, a painting on my wall.

love the colours and the intent of your leather pieces.


Sara said...

I truly love these new directions your artwork is taking you! Especially the concept of armor. The chest pieces seem to sit perfectly between to shield and protect the heart and the voice chakras. Powerful medicine m'dear!