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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Virtue of a Good Sweat

This may veer in the direction of a confessional.

(hang in there with me)

Yesterday the skies shone mottled grey, the light cold and pale.  My skin felt itchy, stretched too tight, like the suit of me, the one that fit perfectly yesterday, was ready to molt.  My feet felt restless, wandering these rooms without purpose, fingers clumsy with brushes and pencils, my mind a slush of distractions.  I tried to push through in the studio, but found myself back in the kitchen.  I tried to scrub the countertops, but found myself strolling the backyard.  I tried to check in on the last of the kale, but found myself driving to the post office.  I tried the usual quick fixes: herbal tea and a short letter, trolling the property with PierrĂ© grabbing images of black rain and frail new shoots, turning the speakers up high and belting it out.  But after each half hearted attempt, I found my discomfort still firmly attached, my mind still heavy with unfounded fear, foreign tragedy, future frustrations, and pressure of time on the back of my skull.

So I tied my laces tight.  And I sweat it out.

Now I'm not one of those girls who glistens with a pretty flush and can walk out of the gym and out to dinner.  I'm not the type who maintains a well styled coif while covering miles of trail.  
I'm the type who feels sweat rolling along her clavicle, sliding down the small of her back, hair plastered to her ears, breathing hard, skin glowing red.

It's not pretty.
That's not what it's about.

Yesterday I dived in to long, double workouts, back to back, pressing those toxins, those toxic thoughts out through my pores.  I gulped air, sucking in hard, blowing out the muck clinging to my insides.  It was like spring cleaning in my cells, baptizing each one in the salty sweat, then leaving it out to dry in the brilliant light shining once again from my chest.

Afterwards I fairly floated.

Now this morning I can feel each of my ribs, expanding in unison.  The sun has broken through the hail storm and my raspberry starts are shooting out chartreuse.  The studio is fairly singing my name.

What are you doing for YOU today?
And tell me,
any one else out there confess to being a sweater?

P.S. I don't often give photo-less posts, but in this case, I though NO pics were the best pics. Yes?  You too?  Well good, we're on the same page.


Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

yes ma'am we are on the same page! I am a girly girl through and through - but when it comes to working up a sweat I have some to the conclusion it just ain't pretty!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Well, my darling woman (who is missed):

I love to sweat.

In yoga, I sweat a pure sweat: cheeks not really even pink, even when the waters are a running down my arms to my hand in downward dog...

In cardio, I sweat red and outrageously to boot.... and then there is peace in the valley, amen!! :)

Isn't it amazing how to activities yield such different perspirations?


Anonymous said...

Love to sweat even though I look like a boulbous tomato when I do. My face will go bright shiny red, my hair goes frizzy and I sweat torrents (grossss)...but you feel so good after you do it! Gotta love those lovely endorphins.
Lovin the blog! You are very taented. X

she said...

:) it's good to know i'm not the only one (and i wouldn't have guessed this to be true of you). i've always been more glisteny than what i felt was the average girl and i've always hated it. then again, after reading this, maybe i can take pride in it too, since it's just an outward manifestation of the fact that i'm always at work, always swirling, never icy cold, never dead. i suppose i'd rather be a living breathing (perspiring) woman than a dry, brittle porcelain formation...

Lizzy Derksen said...

I always think I should post a picture of myself running or doing push-ups, to prove to my readers that I am not all talk.

But then I think, "I am a writer. I am allowed to be all talk."

Even though I DO actually work out, only Tim needs to see me in sports bra and sticky shorts.

Desiree Fawn said...

Mmm, today I'm letting myself read blogs -- FOR MEEE <3 Yours included, of course ;)

Taddyporter said...

Oh my GOSH I am a total red-faced sweat hog(I mean, not now, but when I am exerting big-time)and am just going out for a hard hard run(Mumford & Sonny lads to drive me) to purge then gentle yoga later to soften. I thought I would give myself a wee bit of pre-exercise dopamine by reading a favourite dove's words ahhhhhh and I am filled and ready to gooooo

MrsLittleJeans said...

I am afraid that I may outdo you all in sweating but that is not something to be proud of...I even find salt crystals on my true that this tragedy has knocked the air out of us...I am thinking that each hour of these days is connected with a virtue and I am trying to find out what it is....I am working hard...I found comfort in my lab, the same way Allison was clanking away her hammers...sometimes we have to just do! (xo)n

Pat in east TN said...

I am also a sweat hog. It doesn't take much but when I'm done I feel terrific. Unfortunately sometimes other folks really don't care to be around me then! HA!

marie bell said...

yes. yes. i am a sweat-er. [smile]
especially at work. usually wear a dress, leggings, and a polarfleece hoodie/turtleneck, maybe a thermal shirt underneath.
people ask: aren't you hot?? well, yes, thank you for asking, and i AM enjoying it!
i feel the toxins pour out through my skin and i swipe them away with a quick flick of the wrist, proud of my sweatability.


[loving your blog....]

Enchante' said...

Good lady, breaking such a strong stride!

Sara said...

Yeppers - red faced and damp within the first quarter mile of trail. It's better outside than in the gym which is why I tend to lean towards hiking. Not much beats it though...hmmm... I think my morning tomorrow has been inspired!

UmberDove said...

I love you all. I'm in such good company!

gamebred said...

theres nothin better than a good sweat! being a bikram yoga chick kinda does that to ya. but i love a good sweatty run and some kettlebells to go along with that

UmberDove said...

Amen and Amen!

jordan said...

heck yes sister - 'glow' is not in my body's vocabulary. i definitely sweat and am proud of it - it feels great to sweat with a purpose doesn't it?