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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the subject of post-apocalypse wear

Just a small announcement to let you know:

In the event of a zombie apocalypse (since, according to American media, we are heading that direction and fast), THESE boots will be the first thing I put on.
1.  I can easily tuck my side arm in the left calf.
2.  Stacked heel equals stability when running for dear life.
3.  Solid toe for all the round house kicks I will need to deliver.
4.  Does any body really want to mess with the bad-ass-ery of over the knee boots?

I thought not.

~ Umber ~


Aubrey said...

Oh goody!!!!!!
Let me be the first to say-


UmberDove said...

I'll let you borrow them ;)

Pat in east TN said...

I'm new here ... I love your site and I LOVE those boots! Give'm ~ell if need be!!!

Camlo said...

Bad-ass-ery indeed!! Those are some serious $#!+ kickers!

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

Looks like you could put some dog food tins in there too?
I do hope there is a stockpile of vegetarian dog food in the event...
You are lookin' great!

{heh. The captcha is "sluragg": a post~apocalyptic worthy word too...}

UmberDove said...

Pat - HI! And don't you worry, I will.

Camlo - cha-ching!

Andrea - snort! That will the be slow-motion sound of my boot kicking some zombie face.

Enchante' said...

Well I don't think you're a loser because "you go home to Starla at night" giggles, I had to say that line from Napoleon Dynamite, and I'm so so so glad you didn't wear those ugly blue and star MC hammer pants like that dude did... all though you would look smashing in anything... as a matter O' fact you look pretty damned hot in them there shit kickers, and I would think I could be your side kick when You see the wedges I'm showing people at my blog torrow:P

kerin rose said...

Very Mad, I would not dare to mess with their kick-assery.....

those would actually come up to my I would have to settle for driving the post-apocalypse veggie oil motorcycle....

you are lookin' gorgeous and READY!


Cat said...


oh yeah baby!!!!
Watch out!

love and light

Cat said...

as a boot LOVER I would just like to say......
those boot kick serious ass!!!!
that is
if ass could be serious....seriously! ; )

love and serious light!!!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I feel that I should perhaps call you Arnold, Arnold Schwarznegger... It is nice to adopt the attitude of Arnold and Clint Eastwood, invite that bad so to kick its ass!


UmberDove said...

What do you think Ladies? I believe we could be one mean posse if it came down to it.

jordan said...

haha - a friend went to the hairdresser right after the quake/tsunami in japan and the hairdresser was telling her it was the apocalypse starting. then my hubby went to the grocery store and the first thing he saw was a paper with the title 'this is not doomsday - just bad luck'. hilarious.
btw - great boots!! uber sexy. those zombies won't know what hit them ;)

Work said...

I am going to recommend the following order for the sake of speed...

1. Socks
2. Pants
3. Zombie-ass-kicking-boots