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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All The Faux-Hawk Action I Can Muster

Today is no ordinary Wednesday.

No, ladies and gentlemen,
today marked the very first day of using
on this fuzzy head of mine.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a long and lasting love (with plenty of cussing no doubt) relationship with Mr. Extra-Strength-Waxy-Pomade.
Hello my new lover!  Muah!  Let's make magic up there!

(And for you ladies out in the blogosphere who have been rocking the shortie short hair for a while, give me your product recommendations!  I'm climbing the everest of beauty products, literally starting from ground zero and planning on having some fun with the shortness)
In other news, I purchased a chaise lounge yesterday.  I've been struggling with finding the perfect reading and writing nook in my house; the lighting is either too dim or seating not loungy enough or it's right in the middle of the chaos that ensues with four men running rampant through the house (three of those men wear furry coats.  Just to be clear).  She's lovely and squishy and ALL girl and ALL mine.  I plan on fighting the good fight against muddy paws and anything that resembles tortilla chips because SHE is a lady.  And all I want to do is park my cords right there below the windows, reading and sipping tea (this tea, pictured below, a triple sensory delight) by the drizzly afternoon light.


and p.s.
I made these for you:
The newest of the new in my Soulful Armor series.
A Bit of Soulful Armor
~ Umber


The Noisy Plume: said...

...I feel like I haven't seen your face in AGES. So good to see it here again.

UmberDove said...

The same my friend, the same.

MrsLittleJeans said...

The spiky doo is lovely, so is the chair, the concept of being able to sit and read, the leather creations and what's behind them...I now officially know that I have been a slave today...and now I am freed for a few moments...

cbumpmax said...

Lookin' lovely lady. Love the necklaces, the leaves make me think of flames in a romantic a fireplace. Congrats on the chair, furniture is a great way to spoil yourself. I have a roll of fabric that is destined to refresh my couch and it looks so sad rolled up in the corner of the garage. Someday.

Cat said...

It is good to have places of purpose. A place to read, a place to create, a place to rest. Your place is wonderful, to me.

resolute twig said...

lovely new leather lady bird, and I am a huge fan of your new reading and writing nook.
You are splendid.

pencilfox said...

love your sweet chaise. always wanted one, i have reason to give the purchase great consideration.

i am JONESing over your leather work. totally.

[at the risk of sounding like i'm pumping a product: aveda control paste.]


Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Kelly you are so darn striking! A true beauty :-)

PS - I love redken water wax, and D loves Crew refining paste ( like, he really loves this stuff!)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh my goodness, the hair, the necklaces, the product....
this is all very smile-inducing :)


Carrie said...

Love the mini mohawk - rock on chick!
One day I too shall have a girlie chaise where I shall write, read and drink afternoon cocktails ;)

kerin rose said...

i am a fickle girl...redken water wax for faux hawk days, and aveda light elements texturizing wax ( both in a little pot) for looking soft and know, the better to serve one's split personalities!:)...

love the chaise idea, the leatherwork...(Umber painting you can wear? wow!)the lovely light, the lovely you....


mme. bookling said...

Seteeeeee. Tell me you didn't say to yourself, "Candace would love this."
Tres Chic.

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

Gosh you are so fabulous!
Love the short hair! You look like a lovely gift from the fairies...Elfgiva.


Sara said...

Eeee! More faux-hawk for you - it's darling punky-tastic!
And I must say I'm in LOVE with the new soul armor pieces. I almost *almost* have convinced myself I can afford the blue one. My rationalizing side is going to keep on working on me ;)