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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dressing the Part: Flashing the Elderly

Quite by accident I should add!
But the wind is fierce and unpredictable and just when you think you are safely tucked into your little blue civic, a gust could come and blow right up your skirt!
On the topic of clothes, I'm just about to fill up a smallish travel case with some of mine: a chunky wool cowl, a beat up pair of jeans, too many sweaters, some thick ribbed leggings and these boots.
I'll be driving out in the morning, headlights pointed South, to a coastal town with a glass beach and the finest chowder I've ever supped.  A ray of sunshine will be joining me, as we've proven to be quite the travel companions (it is a rare gift when you find another human with whom conversation flows like the proverbial milk and honey BUT with whom you can also share long stretches of silence.  If you find someone like this, HOLD TIGHT!).

That said, I'll be away from all things interwebular for the first half of next week, and hope to return with my cup overflowing.

And a small point of business:
In one week, most likely the evening of May 8th, I'll be pulling all the original paintings out of my Etsy shop in order to finalize preparations and send them out for my upcoming shows.  SO, if there is a piece you've had your eye on, let me know otherwise it will be soon off to show some sass on a gallery wall!

See you next week!
~ Umber ~


pencilfox said...

and, where are your TIGHTS, young lady? flashing the elderly....oh, my!



UmberDove said...


Just giving them something to talk about on the drive home ;)

Nancy*McKay said...

yoU are so coooool...EVERYTHING about yoU is jsut soooo cool...


this is my favorite outfit EVERRRRR!!

enjoy your visit with the SUN!

a said...


kerin rose said...

you are sooo funny!....snarfed coffee everywhere, simply from the title of this post!....

I agree w/ Nancy...won't you PLEEZE come and teach me how to dress?

and please squeeze that ray of light for me?
have a glorious time you two, and yes, I completely agree....flow+deep silence=special friend...for sure!...

Joyful said...

Yes you are funny ;-) Love your sketch.

info said...

My oh my, you are a wardrobe inspiration!

Anonymous said...

So I have to ask because I see it from time to time through out your posts...

Why do you draw yourself & the outfit of the day with commentary written around it?!

I'm just intrigued that is all :)

UmberDove said...


I began drawing the little outfits with commentary for one of my closest friends, a kindred spirit who thrives on details and used to know the mundane bits and bobbles of my daily life. We now live with hundreds of miles between, but I'm determined to keep her updated on the little things.

~J~ said...

tsk tsk, flashing the elderly. What have they ever done to you?!?!?! A mate latte sounds very tempting at this moment. You're life seems splendid! Keep writing colors in my life. =D