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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do you ever have one of those weeks?  The weeks wherein the earth feels a bit off, wherein there is a slight hitch in your step, wherein the minor tragedies of the day conspire to bring down your soul.  The weeks your beloved camera PierrĂ© suddenly decides to stop autofocusing and no local camera shop can fix him, the weeks you spill coffee and track paint and open your mail to see your most recent etsy purchase arriving broken and find your brand new cucumber starts massacred by slugs.  
(Coincidentally, these may also be the weeks you find yourself checking out at the CoOp buying a bottle of red wine, two cartons of organic strawberries and four, count them, FOUR bars of dark chocolate.  And then you suddenly remember that you are a woman and oooooh... right.  Thank you moon).
But here is the thing:
In the face of so many disasters, I've still found beauty.  I've fought hard for myself, and treated myself very well in this last week.  I've been blissfully aware of how good this life is to me; that despite my own hardships, I'd not change my station with anyone else.  Something within me is staunchly demanding self-kindness, self-love, and from that well-spring I know love for all else pours forth.
There has been sushi, forest hikes, beach dates with the Pup, hours of writing, a massage, a trip to the chiropractor, miles logged in running shoes and a batch of the best damn chocolate cookies I've ever made.  And somewhere along the way, it's turned into the best week I've had in a while.
All this to say, quite simply,
Life is Beautiful.

Now go do something glorious for yourself.
Because you, my dear friends, are absolutely worth it.

Loving your souls today,
~ Umber ~


The Noisy Plume: said...

Well I was JUST about to leave, by bicycle, in this snowstorm, to write letters with the help of a latte. Thanks for the reminder. x

UmberDove said...

Shall we co-sip and write right now? I've just pulled on my biggest boots and a smart little jacket and am out the door with a stack of correspondence!

Sierra said...

I'm just in from a day of "ME" time that included riding my bike to the beach for a swim, taking the long way home, and now about to sit down with a bowl of peanut noodle salad and iced tea for a bit of reading! Thanks for the reminder to be gentle with myself and to take the time I need! Hope you have a wonderful time with your correspondence! Happy Tuesday, Aloha!

Desiree Fawn said...

Oh yes, the earth is a BIT off this week.. actually, since turning 25 on the 17th it's been off kilter. Working toward harmony now <3

Joyful said...

Amen. Life is BEAUTIFUL and sometimes we must work a bit to remember that ;-) So glad you ended up having a wonderful week. Mine's been rough but this week is starting off right. xx

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Here's to ending the week right with beach walks and long talks:
I am so grateful you've taken the time and care to right your ship and self-love well!!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more sweet lady
remember the song of the fiddleheads!

Love and Light

she said...


last night the wind changed and headed my little heart vessel straight for the jagged rocky shore of Suck. i thought about crying. i almost did. but last night wasn't a night for crying. so i called a friend, vented it out, and ended up laughing at how absurdly easy i can be to upset sometimes.

suddenly the sun laced through the thunderous sky.

close call.

situations like these teach me to reach out, even when i feel like going below deck and weeping alone.

also, this feather is REALLY beautiful. thanks kntbc.

Carrie said...

oh how i wish i could believe i am worth anything.
I am so happy for you though, your writing is mesmerising - you're in a good place, long may it last x

~J~ said...

Wow. The pictures you take are amazing an your view of life is full of spice and optimism. I like that. Wrong. I Love that. And THAT'S why I follow your blog. =D

UmberDove said...

Sierra - HOORAY! That sounds beyond glorious!

Desiree - Yes Lady, just a bit off in your neck of the woods... eesh. But it IS uphill now.

Joyful - I hope it's just continued on the upswing!

Sunny - Thanks for always being the best sort of cheerleader!

Cat - My friend, I can not and will not forget.

She - You are a pillar my sister. Also, stay out of that bathroom!

Carrie - YOU ARE! Of that I have no doubt, and will believe it for you and WITH you.

J - Thank you thank you!

LaurieK said...

Thank you for the ever-important reminder to take some time to nurture our bodies and our hearts (and the tense workaholic-bent shoulders)...I am awful at this kind of self-discipline (my hubby would loudly agree;)!

Have a great weekend! Now for a walk in the sunshine...

UmberDove said...

Oh Laurie, soak up some of that Seattle-flavored sun for me, ok? I'm so GLAD you took the time for YOU!