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Monday, April 18, 2011

On the Subject of the Cherry Blossom Tree

Have I mentioned the cherry blossoms are blooming?

That first year we lived in Seattle, that first Spring, was the first time I think I truly looked at the cherry blossoms.  Outside the windows of our petit apartment arched the wizened trunk of an aged tree.  She bloomed cotton candy in May, raining down petals like a localized snow storm.  In July her leaves turned glossy and hid fat chickadees who sang to me while I brewed coffee in the morning.  In September she turned every shade of Autumn and I collected her fallen treasures, pressing them in back pages of my sketchbook.  In the thick of December she stood stately and silent as two inches of fresh powder balanced on every limb and twig and I wrapped myself in wool sweaters.

She was my very own giving tree.

When we moved South, back to California last year on the fourth of April, with hearts torn apart by a fresh diagnosis, the cherry blossom tree in our new back yard bloomed early and thick, my own promise from heaven.  And just this last weekend, as BC and I visited the slice of land bound for our future, I saw her.  Nearly covered with dense bamboo, shaded by the ancient redwood, and just West of the birch thicket stands the cherry blossom tree I will watch in the years to come.

I think they call that destiny.


Sunny Rising Leather said...

You are such a beautiful person, your writing sings praises to everything good.


Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

I couldn't agree more with Allison - Your sweet soul shines in every post.

Have you ever been up to Vancouver? Downtown and all the streets along the beaches are lined with Cherry Blossoms. It really is something to see - the city literally has a pink glow to it in the spring :-)

Anonymous said...

agreeing with the women above.....♥...mmmm I love spring blossoms♥

I was hiking in the forest yesterday...the fiddle heads were everywhere, just on the edge of bursting out of their coiled form...and they sang to me
they sang
your name
they sang of new life
of new adventure
they sang of new hope
and of deep healing
they sang of a bright future
of love and fullness
there are always times of uncertainty,
they sang,
but reaching high
uncertainty fades
feet planted deep in the realness of life
humility reigns
these things are in your now Miss Dove
The fiddleheads sang it so...

Love and Light

MrsLittleJeans said...

Well, something you love always comes to you, doesn't it? My memories of Cherry Blossom Trees are those in DC, takes me back to those scenes, times, very special...I remember I could hardly gasp, so many blossoms, I felt blinded by it all.... xoxo

mme. bookling said...

Your first spring with Pierre! Luscious.

And yes, destiny it is. Destiny it shall be.

Mum said...

What a marvelous surprise!!
And to think she was there, waiting patiently for you to arrive!

I look at this as an indication of marvelous things to come!

Love you

The Noisy Plume: said...

OH those pinkies!!!

resolute twig said...

such lovely blossoms. And those moments when destiny becaomes clear are so amazing...

kerin rose said...

oh Lovely Umberina, it is destiny because your elegant eye notices the signs in the first many of us sleepwalk through our days.....I imagine you never were such a soul in the first place, and having moved through what you did this past year, i would imagine your keen eye and open soul absolutely doesn't miss a thing......this is only just one of your gifts....
big cherry blossom spring=time hug to you!

UmberDove said...

Sunny - namaste my friend.

Jaime - Ouph, I believe it. Seattle is the same, pink and fluffy and exuberantly pretty.

Cat - Oh Cat. You are so beautiful, and your words are treasured so.

MLJ - TRUE enough!

Mme - I'm in obsession. He's so good.

Mum - I can't wait for you to see it too. You will love it!

Plume - GIRLY! I know!

Twig - I think you're right here with me sister!

Kerin - Hugs right back. I adore your soul.

Ahmed Salah said...

Very nice :)