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Monday, May 7, 2012

I Took Myself Camping

I've been camping
Last week I packed up the tent, the Pup, kissed BC, the kitty boys and the Girly Dog goodbye and took myself camping.  Here, high on the northern California coast, there is no shortage of gorgeous camping spots but we drove to one of my very favorites.  Nestled in among the old growth sitka spruce and coastal redwoods, high on the cliffs above the pacific, we pitched camp.  The air held the bite of the ocean and at times we were chilled with mist and rain, but when the sun burned through that marine layer, every good, damp thing shone.  We ran on the beach at low tide; Sancho dragging every stick of driftwood he could find, me filling pockets with slick pebbles and beach agates.  At night we spooned together in the tent, Sancho snuffling under two blankets while I read by headlamp until I couldn't keep my eyes open a second longer.  Morning brought hot coffee, rice porridge and flocks of stellar's jays all vying for left-overs of anything at all.  I climbed a high trail along the cliffs and sat for who knows how long, lost in the crash of waves and the expanse of sea, one of those times when there are no words, no sketches, no stories, just a roar that fills the heart.  And then, with sap on my sleeves and hair scented with camp smoke, we came home.
Frisbee Love
But we'll be back.


Desiree Fawn said...

HA! Ok, that last pic nearly had coffee shooting out my nose ;)

Amy Nicole said...

Where the mountains meet the ocean. One of my favorite spots in the world. Thanks for sharing!

Cat said...

I was thinking about you yesterday whilst hiking through the woods and wondered if you had gotten your chance to get away : )
and now I have my answer♥
wonderful wonderful
love the ocean clip
she makes me swoon!

love and light dear friend

UmberDove said...

Desiree - Right?!?! Every. Single. Time I look at that picture I snort!

Amy Nicole - Ah, you and me both!

Cat - Oh lady, thanks - the ocean forever moves me. Always and forever.

Unknown said...

That has to be the funniest picture I've seen a quite a while! Thanks for the "out loud" laugh!


MrsLittleJeans said...

o my gosh....i have been thinking ocean these days...xx

dragon said...

My heart aches for the west coast. Redwoods and ocean cliffs with the sound of the surf and a faithful dog . . . I am jealous. I am glad you got to go.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that video of the ocean. Even through video I found it soothing to my soul.

And that last pic of Sancho, are there any words?! So hilariously cute!

AnDee said...

You know how to LIVE.

Snailentina said...

A piece of ocean! Thank you very much!!!

Helen said...

I'm dying to go camping... and to go to the ocean is a dream. I love the ocean right next to the mountains and northern Calif has it both. Thanks for the images and the "mini" vacation it gave me.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, you look sassy with that hatchet! What a beautifull spot you found to listen, to write, to share your porridge with the jays. I will be camping in Big Sur in two weeks. I hope my site has a redwood tree to hug! I'm happy you got away Dove.

piggywhistles said...

What beautiful photos of the forest!I love the way you take pictures of the big things and the tiny things.

Joyful said...

It looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun.

I loved the sound of the waves and I had a chance to see a few of your other cute videos ;-)

Love and hugs. xx

pencilfox said...

so happy to tag along....

Brit said...

sounds like a wonderful adventure. and that frisbee...oh my, i laugh for days.

Rubee said...

Thanks for including the ocean clip! It made my heart dance for joy!

Candace Morris said...

Someday I might find the guts to camp alone.

I hope you are feeling well in soul these days, my pondering redwood.

MJ said...

Oh man o man o man--or I should say Wo-man. Camping by itself is awesome. But to go camping by yourself--okay, not by yourself, but with just the pooch--girl you rock. Btw, is that your normal camping attire? Girl, I have lone camping-clothes-mug-me time- ocean envy right now.

And that forever memorable pose by the pooch--perfection.

lynsey said...

Pah ha ha, Umber that last photo is diamond!!
How wonderful that you are able to do this for yourself, lovely, lovely post

UmberDove said...

Valerie - Yep, I'm STILL laughing over it!

MLJ - Time for a visit...

Dragon - The west coast is something special. It really truly is. I'm so attached I can't ever imagine leaving it too far behind.

Cristen - It is such balm, no?

AnDee - xox!

Snail - Oh it was all my pleasure lady!

Helen - Ah, have you been? It's such a place to feel spoiled by SO MUCH.

PrairieGirl - YOU HUG THAT TREE FOR ME GIRL!!!! And also, I adore Big Sur...

Whistles - Thanks miss - somedays I feel like I could crawl around on hands and knees for hours just examining the minutia. :)

Joyful - hehe, and there are some silly ones there. ;)

Foxy - anytime, anytime.

Brit - omg, RIGHT?!?

Rubee - Up at the top of Wedding Rock... the fog had just cleared and the sun had just arrived. You would have loved it.

CRM - Too much to say, always. I miss you my sage.

MJ - Hee, yes they are but here's the deal: I find myself coastal camping most frequently, and winter leggings plus a stretchy little skirt that doesn't get in the way? Super warm and like wearing your pj's. I highly recommend it. :)

Lynsey - Thanks miss, and that pup, what WOULD I do without him?

creative quest said...

Hot darn you look fine girl!
Um may I be so bold as to ask who's talented hands made that mug and where you got such a cute little skirt? I've been looking for one like that for a whiles.
I love your coast - a lot like mine.. only warmer. Heaven!

UmberDove said...

Quest - Rawr! And sure thing, the mug is from and the skirt from Happy shopping!

The Noisy Plume said...

So glad you went, baby girl. xx