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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Currently this is my favorite time of day.  When the light turns saffron and slithers along rooftops, when the shadows stretch and the black-headed grosbeaks make their final songs.  It is when I gather dinner supplements from the garden, when my toes grow cold, when the dogs make their final maniacal gallops around the house and the cats beg to come out from one more snack of clover.  It is my favorite time to photograph the midas touch, my favorite time to breath the cool river air rising, my favorite time to kiss the day goodbye. 
This past weekend I attended a memorial for a dear friend's mother.  I feel my life, perhaps all lives, can be best described by dichotomy: I am surrounded by rounded bellies carrying souls yet to be born, by mourning for those who have passed on, by children in curls and babies discovering their own feet, by friends who are faced with their own mortality in the bloom of youth, by the scars on my own chest and the still-fresh feeling of hair on my head.  I'm dizzy with the spin of life and death.

But I know this: I'm grateful for the life I have, for the life I live, for the time I am granted.  I wish to live in grace and light, but I wish just as fervently to live in the raw grittiness of human emotion.  To be present and honest.  To be full with the spectrum of life, rather than reside only in the prettiest colors.  If we only have one shot at a life, then I want to greedily gather every experience I can.

And lastly, I want to eat my greens.
Self Portrait as a Collard Green


Joyful said...

Beautifully written.

Life is to be savoured. Let's not waste a minute.

Love your locks ;-)

thewindhover said...

mmm yes, there is so much to be thankful for... And never have greens looked so deliciously good. Happy last day of May to you Dove xx

jordan said...

I'm coming over for some greens for supper tonight. make extra.
(don't i wish?!)

dragon said...

You are certainly a green sort of girl :D

pencilfox said...

o absolutely certainly.
life and death surround me on equal basis.
as i age, i wonder.
so: as i age, i live, baring all emotions.
there are reins, no doubt.
but there are feelings to be felt, life to be lived.
and love to be shared.

greenfully: xxxx

Cassie said...

perfectly and beautifully put.
The last shot made me laugh. :)


kerin rose said...

game on, gorgeous girlfriend.....

Valerianna said...

You are what you eat!

prairiegirl said...

Namaste dear, sweet Dove. I am grateful for you and your words of wisdom and your watercolors of animals. You share so much of yourself, it enriches my world. Your chocolate curls look good in green!

UmberDove said...

I will feed you all and we'll feast like rabbits! Ladies, I love you!

Karin Bremer said...

Beautifully said.

If only we were all able to see & feel this awareness and gratitude so clearly.

Oh, the dichotomy!

Bethany Susan said...

This is just wonderful. Viva la vida!

Cat said...

I love you Miss Kelly

love and light

Nichole said...

thank you for writing. i want to be more engaged, present, creative, alive, and have recently made moves to embrace that kind of life. reading blogs like yours keeps me inspired and motivated. thanks again.

UmberDove said...

I'm glad YOU wrote - I always love how small this world can be, how many kindred spirits there truly are.