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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Return of the Unfurl Rings

The Return of the Unfurl Rings

Unspool your heart strings!
Let your soul breath!

I've been wanting to sculpt another little batch of these rings for some time now.  They curl and wrap and swing so cheerily and I figure there is no better time than spring to do a bit of unfurling.  I'll be listing all five in the shop tomorrow morning after I'm appropriately caffeinated, but probably before I'm appropriately dressed.  OOH!  That's just how I do it some days.

It's been a tremendously busy last week, but I feel my heart has never left the studio.  I'm digging into something, letting color and shape roll across my tongue, and finally crashing hard late at night to the oddest dreams (falling between the house of Lemony Snicket and running in the Hunger Games with a tiny dash of Lord of the Flies.  Really, really bizarre.  But I always have great clothes in dreams.  Like amazing boots that I can never find in waking life, which is beyond tragic - have I ever told you about the Prada's with a 13 inch heel that I stole in a Bonnie and Clyde style dream?  They were utterly amazing but I was so tall I cracked my head on the ceiling every time I stood up straight.  Why don't those exist?  Other than for head cracking reasons of course!  Why?).

Now.  The sun is slanting most gloriously through the north-west windows, illuminating comatose puppies and a dust-bunny riden floor.  I know I've already checked in on the veggie garden, but I think I might gather the first thinnings of the arugula and slip a couple more radishes out for dinner.  Really I just want an excuse to feel the sunlight on the top of my head, so I best scoot along and feel it.
Happy Wednesday!
~ Umber ~


pencilfox said...

i have dreams of those types, also....great wild action and chasing clothes that appear only in one's dreams....

jonesing for an unfurling fern trinket. truly.

Anonymous said...


AnDee said...

Do you know...When I see your name in my Google reader feed, my heart jumps a little...
I know feel good & inspiration are just a click away...
Thank you Kelly.

These are stunning!
{ps. Are they rolling mill embossed?}


lynsey said...

Stunning as always Umber, love your rings and your words

UmberDove said...

Sigh. You ladies always make me feel so GOOD!