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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Right?  Right.
Fresh Picked
It's a bullet point sort of morning!
~ uno ~
This shirt arrived in yesterday's post, addressed to BC who happens to be out of town, and somehow, accidentally, the package tore and the tee just fell right out and onto my body.  Oops.  But seriously, how RAD is it?!?  It's yet another reminder that I could use tattooed across my forehead.  But that is a rather small canvas and something tells me, wearing a tee is a better plan.
~ dos ~
I'm officially in danger of becoming a hoarder of tomatos.  You see, it's been about SEVEN years since I was last able to grow those juicy fruits, between tight apartment living and a coastal fog that rotted out everything with a claim in the nightshade family.  But here, the sun shines a little brighter, a little hotter, and the fog pools just on the other side of the ridge, held back by geothermal forces.  So I started with two cherry varieties, just to see, and now, well, yeah.  Hoarder.  And I want more.  Isn't there a show about that?  Don't sent them here; I want no cure other than a pantry full of home-canned salsa.
~ tres ~
When country living, one must acquire certain skill sets.  Yesterday I learned that I could pull a dog tick off a dog using naught but a compostable-potato-ware spoon.  I wish my super powers had not been called upon, but good to know I'm resourceful!  Those things creep me out some fierce.  Just writing "tick" makes the backside of my knees itch.
~ cuatro ~
The wild roses are blooming!  Our front yard (a.k.a. wilderness zone) is rich with the competing scents of rose, cedar, and wild onion.  I wish you could smell the blooms; heady is too small a word for the scentalific euphoria they spread wide and far.  I've been carrying this little mason jar with me throughout the house, bedside to kitchen, to dinning, and then up to the studio, trailing perfume every where I walk.
~ cinco ~
I'm still itching.  Bleeeechahahah.
~ seis ~
This is my latest total obsession: a live-stream hidden camera in a great blue heron nest out in Ithaca, NY.  I've just left the tab open on my computer, listening to their squabbles and cries, watching like a star-struck bird nerd, checking in on them every time I walk by.  You MUST check it out.  No excuses.  I mean, it's BABY BIRDS HERE PEOPLE, and who doesn't love baby birds?
* * *
Duty calls!  Have a glorious Wednesday!
~ Umber ~


Jaime said...

Uno - that shirt is totally rad beyond words.
Dos - I just planted my first tomato plants ever, and am pretty sure they will probably not make it, but I have faith!
tres - the word tick makes me itchy too. Spending my summers in the woods as a child had my brother and I all too aware of what to do with ticks.
cuatro - roses are my birth flower, I adore them - they remind me of my grandfather out tending to his roses with utter care.
Cinco - mind of matter " I am not itchy, I am not itchy"
seis - thanks to you I am gonna be glued to this all day! Who needs to work and make a living anyways.... hahaha

UmberDove said...

Dos - fingers crossed!
Tres - ugh. you and me both, but still, ugh.
Seis - Baby birds > Making a living :)

Cat said...

that shirt rocks!!!
ahhh and my husband!!!
you truly have super powers sister!
about those roses...did you know there is a winter rose??? one that blooms in the dead of winter???
I am going to get me one of those!
mmm can't remember their official name...thank goodness for google...
baby birds ♥ I have book marked the link...thanks♥

off to write
love to you today sweet lady

love and light

Anonymous said...

Love that shirt! I need one for myself. As far as ticks, I hate having to take them off of my dogs. The Blue Herons are so cute! Have you seen the Red Tail Hawks?? If not here's the link:

UmberDove said...

Cat - You DO need one of those! Stat lady bird!

Cristen - SHRIEK! Red-tails! OMG, I love their little butter-cream feet. Lady, you are officially the straw that broke productivity's back today! ;)

Snailentina said...

You're adorable!

dragon said...

Did you feel the enormous burst of love coming to you from the east coast today @ 4 EST?

Love you. Love your blogs. Love the shirt. Love the roses, tomatoes, the BIRDS!!! But you I love the most in all of your 'you-ness.'

prairiegirl said...

Hey Bird girl. The blue herons! Aren't they magnificant? I've been visiting an owl nest with two fuzzy heads poking out, and my osprey family is looking fine as well. Tomatos + salsa = happy Dove. Those roses look good on you.

Unknown said...

I also love the shirt, the roses and tomatoes..... but, ugh ticks, they are the worst. (Especially here where we have lyme disease spreading!).

Now, when I got to seis I had to laugh. I'm a birder, and I have a long time birder friend (who is now retired) who basically schedules her day around the nest cams! They are addictive, which is why I just have her give me updates rather than going to the sites myself!

UmberDove said...

Dragon - So THAT"S what it was! ;) All heart lady, all heart to you.

PrairieGirl - Oh man, I want an owl nest! And osprey! Sheesh!

Valerie - It's so true. I can't tell you how many times I strolled by my computer yesterday and twenty minutes laters realized I was still baby watching.

Jenna said...

Those baby birdies made me SQUAWK! I'm going to stream it all day long. Productivity be damned.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Kelly. Lol. That was payback for you recommending the Blue Heron webcam. I sat there like a goof just staring at them.

RosyRevolver said...