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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today's Truth
Flip flops and freshly painted toes doesn't hurt either.


MrsLittleJeans said...

So that's what I have to do to deal with this chaos...flip flops and freshly painted toes ; I am praying for a moment to hide xx

Sunny Rising Leather said...

You should just stay here for a week, then :)

Cat said...

yes yes and yes!
mmm flip flops and painted toes...we are not quite there yet ; (

love and light sweet Umber

pencilfox said...

love this, how it fell together so sweetly....

UmberDove said...

MLJ - Fingers crossed for that moment, for some ridiculously named shade of barbie-red and a really REALLY freaking delicious cuppa. You do deserve it!

Sunny - Don't tempt me, I might.

Cat - Well then fingers so you can do big jazz hands then!

Foxy - While I adore my gray skies, there is something that sunshine does to a body.

creative quest said...

love this