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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Horse for the Journey

Equus Ring
This is about the journey.
My path, your path, the way they converge mountaintop in the setting sun, the way we each have to pick a careful trail through the detritus of shifting plans and outcroppings of trials.  It's the sharp gulp of air across the tongue, the heady rhythm of a gallop, the wind blowing through every hidden layer.  It's the way memory is recalled in scent and sound: the crunch of oak leaves under hoof and the smell of late afternoon grapevines.  It's about wearing grime under fingernails as proof, about those frayed pony hairs you braided into your own.
Really, this is about holding a streak of horse-fire in your soul.
Equus Ring
Last weekend I had one of those moments of insistant intuition, those moments where one has to drop EVERYTHING else and leap into the abyss of an idea.  I sketched and drew and sawed out this tiny thundering herd, not entirely sure where they would gallop but positive they needed life.  As they began to take shape, I thought about everything that the horse symbolizes to me; an open road, the afternoon sun, the start of a fresh journey, soulful travel and above all, the intimate connection with the wild.  I think when one had horse-fire in their blood it never leaves, but always courses with a whinny and a snort.
Equus Rings
The Equus Ring
(100% sterling silver)


Brandi said...

Holy (insert expletive here) those went fast! Make more!

MrsLittleJeans said...

you say it so beautifully and so is true that it never leaves, the experience, the memory, the you spoke or rather as I read you speak,I smelled the stables and thought, that was weird. xx

Joyful said...


Cat said...

Holy Appaloosa! I had hoped to rope one of these beauties to be my very own. Maybe next time! (and thanks for making a larger size, it gives my big 'ol appendages hope.)

UmberDove said...

Brandi - Holy is right! It took MY breath away!

MLJ - It's true; when you know horses, somehow you can always smell them. And it's a damn fine scent if I say so myself!

Joyful - loves!

Cat - Hehe, girlie, I love making rings that fit MY big ol' appendages! If I had a dollar for every time I've been told "Jeeze, you must be a really great basketball player, or maybe a great pianist" well, I'd had a lot of dollars.

Cat said...

beauty abounds

love and light

creative quest said...

love, love, love
The wildness, the whinny,
It makes me think of all us wild creative women creating across continents but in one heard... our hearts beating like hooves upon the earth.
Thank you!

Jaccalyn said...

Words cannot describe how amazing you are....WOW
I am new to silversmithing, and tried my hand and hand sawing a pattern, i give you props. How on earth did you saw those horses. AMAZING

By the by, i love reading your blog