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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Elevation Rings

Elevate Rings
sterling silver and nevada varicite

Rise up as if you were Hawk.
Lift your eyes and scan the horizon.
Acknowledge what you see without judgement.
Feel the wind, smell the air, hear the zephyrs.
* * *
If you've been here a while, you'll know I like to create work as personal reminders to myself.  Kind of like tying a string on your finger but so much more potent.  The words above are my loose personal interpretation of the lessons I've followed from an incredibly wise woman.  May we ALL elevate our heads, our hearts, our sight!
(in the shop now!)


Cat said...

rise up rise up indeed!
beautiful sentiments today friend

love and light

Brittany said...

lovely ring. i'm curious, how did you get into making jewelry?

jordan said...

these are amazing. LOVE!

MJ said...

*sigh* wonderful wonderful. and yep, I want one...

UmberDove said...

Cat, Jordan, MJ - Thanks loves!

Brittany - I feel like that may be along story, but the short is this: I've been making art (mostly paintings) for years and years now. I love it. With my whole heart. But after a few years of showing in galleries, I realized what I love most was the element of connection with a piece of art and the viewer. How THAT felt like the grand purpose. And I struggled with the idea that many people feel (and often rightly in the gallery / museum setting) they must stand back and not touch and keep a distance from the "holy painting hanging on the wall." I struggle with the disconnect, with hearing that "art" is for those who get it and the not the rest. Making jewelry seemed like an answer to my dilemma: it allows for contact with a piece of art, for a deeply personal intimacy on a level wherein one adorns oneself with a message, a thing of beauty, or a reminder of life. And I love that concept down to my very bones. So for me, the answer is to do both. And I'm so glad to be in this place. I'm glad you asked lady!