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Friday, July 20, 2012

Tree Hugger

I am a luck dragon
Five Things Friday (Tree Hugger)
It's Friday!
Have you hugged your tree yet?

I gave mine a squish, then greedily ate as many blackberries as I could find, and topped it off with every single ripe cherry tomato.  Really the garden is just a big cattle trough for me to wander along, snacking here and there a couple times a day.  Other than greens and zucchini, not much makes it in the house.  We're a whole family of omnivores; the puppies beg for strawberries, the kitties gnaw the snap peas (true story), and I eat carrots with the stems springing from my mouth like a jaunty pipe.  Kind of like a rabbit... hmmm...  So here's the question: what type of animal ARE you?  I'm afraid I'm some sort of piggy-rabbit-thoroughbred hybrid.  All legs and ears and quick rooting nostrils.  At least something like that.

Cheerio you summer thangs!
~ Umber ~


BC said...


UmberDove said...

BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "He's coming! We have to kill him!"

Libellula Jewelry said...


(I love fruit, veggies, & fish)

UmberDove said...

Fruitbat! Nice call!

AnDee said...

Crow~Platypus~Real Puss~Rabbit too...Gosh... I fear that combo could be quite ugly to see...Though the powers fierce...

{This morning I made whole wheat banana pancakes and my cat nearly chewed my fingers off when I offered her a bite! She loves them! And green peas and peanuts too...}

Love the photo of your lovely long limbs Umber...

Brandi said...

Bear-Arab-Hawk. Maybe with a bit of Heron and Whip-poor-will thrown in. Happy weekend to you, love the tree hugging photo!

prairiegirl said...

Umber-bunny, I'm a wild, I tell you, WILD mustang!
Ever since I visited the Pryor Mustang Range, I am obsessed, addicted to the wild horse! Let them be free, I tell you! Free as a bird.
I wonder, will I ever get to be lucky enough to wear a winged ring made from your hands?
That M always snags the one I want.
It's OK. My time will come...

UmberDove said...

AnDee - HA! Even just the crow-platy... that is a force to be reckoned with!

Brandi - I knew you had some horse in you too.

PRAIRIEGIRL - Lady, I'm making wild horse rings tonight for the journey!

pencilfox said...

i LOVE to graze my garden.
i fill up on kohlrabi greens and kale as i water the rows.

and i'm:
icelandic horse/rabbit/junco.

Cat said...

you crack me up
what kind of animal am I???
a wild one!

love and light

Brooke Medlin said...

Loaf (my fabulous kitty) loves snap peas, too. Pounces on them, bats them around, then eats them whole. It's pretty cute.

Candace Morris said...

best photo of you ever.