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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Land Tribute

Land Tribute  (the second in the series)
Land Tribute (the second in the series)
I've been a bit obsessed lately with thanking the land.  The earth we both tread upon, the terroir that has grown us into the bodies we possess, the landscapes that mold our existence.  I am, in my heart of hearts, a documenter.  A recorder of sights and scents and travels and passages.  This piece feels like a narrative for your heart; a story of wind currents and wild grasses, of rippling leaves and red-tailed hawks.  There is substantial weight but simultaneously so so much room to breath.
Land Tribute
(the second in the series)
(100% sterling silver)
(and of course, you can read more about it over in the shop)
(this may be too many parenthetical comments)
* * *

In other news, the move north is fast approaching.  I'll be leaving well before dawn tomorrow morning, logging a few hundred miles with a thermos of hot coffee and a trough of chopped fruits and veggies.  With any luck I'll weave through the rivers and cliffs of the northern California-Oregon boarder, slip through Portland before traffic hits, cover that long, straight stretch of I5 through southern Washington and reach Seattle in time for cocktail hour.  And with lots of luck, I'll find our new house.  I've got one week to do it and could use all the crossed fingers and well wishes you can muster!  That said, be well birds, and I'll see you next week!
~ Umber ~ 


lynsey said...

Wishing you much luck, every thing crossed for you.

Totally beautiful necklace by the way

cbumpmax said...

Best of luck on your journey North. I will be sending domestic thoughts your way.

Cristen said...

Safe travels! Good vibes being sent that you find the perfect space up North!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Wishing you much luck in finding the house, and enjoy the trip up. Love the looks so good on you. xx

Brandi said...

Travel safely, and good luck. I hope the right place presents itself to you. Beautiful new piece!

Sierra Keylin said...

Damn WOMAN! You are seriously amazing, this piece is so wonderful...Oh, and this road trip makes my heart hurt in the best way possible. A week of house hunting at "home" sounds like a dream, just think of all the cutie casas out there that could be yours! Happy adventures, happy gin cocktails, and get yo'self that pizzaaaaaah!

Brandi said...

Me again...looove that winding viney bit around the bottom stem, love this piece the more I look at it.

pencilfox said...

well. that all being said:
you just made 400 sales in your shop.
you've never looked finer.
your baby girl dog looks just like you.

so with all those things in your favour, you're bound to happen upon the perfect house while on your trip. let's just say: the perfect house is looking for YOU.


Candace Morris said...

jesuschrist. what a necklace.

Candace Morris said...

ITS SOLD.OF COURSE IT IS. I would love a similar design...

Cat said...

(because I can)

love and light

Brittany said...

i wish you the best of luck with your move and the finding of a house. :)

jordan said...

that makes my heart ache it's so beautiful. well done you amazing woman you. and happy trails!

Sara said...

Your NW home is waiting for you. You'll feel the call and find it I'm sure ; )