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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Gemma Grace
Gemma Grace
Gemma Grace
Now I know some of you may want to put up a fight, but I tell you true: my niece is the cutest little one year old dumpling on the face of the planet.
* * *
Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!
Your freshly smitten Aunt Umber


kerin rose said...

apparently gorgeousness seems to run in the family!
Happy birthday Gemma Grace!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Happy first...the cake is bigger than the birthday girl! Shouldn't we all celebrate that way? : )

Sandra Dunn said...

She is a doll!!! Happy birthday sweet girl.

Carrie said...

love her style ~ she knows how to party! Wee darlin' x

Lizzie Derksen said...

When I was little, that book made me want to cry every time.

prairiegirl said...

Okay... No one's looking...she IS, I tell you, she IS the cutest thing in the world!! LOVE to Gemma on her 1st!
PS: Dove, in that last post, will you tell me what the name is of the book you are reading? x

creative quest said...

'I love you forever'. What a beautiful and tear jerking book. I tried to read it to my nephew and barley held it together. I think i managed the waver in my voice alright as tears rolled down my cheeks. Ok I'm a bit of a softy but wow.

UmberDove said...

Kerin - Those eyes, I tell ya.


Sandra - She truly is too.

Carrie - I missed snapping any photos of her "birthday shoes" - these ridiculous sparkly gold gladiator sandals with pink flowers... oh the things you can buy children! :)

Lizzie - I know, that book (and The Giving Tree) ALWAYS made me want to cry a bit.

PrairieGirl - For sure, the book is "Rare Amazing Things" (compiled by David Attenborough). It's a blend of essays and illustrations (so many of which are phenomenal).

Creative - Oh my gosh, I totally know what you mean.

Cat said...

so so cute
she definitely hold a piece of the Umber in her
I can see it!

what a blessing

love and light

prairiegirl said...

Thanks so much. My library had the book- it's fab!

lynsey said...

Adorable! happy birthday Gemma Grace