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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And then there was that whole week I missed

Hello Hello!
I seem to have absolutely missed an entire week down the rabbit hole of my studio (it's like tumbling head over heels through a cabinet of curiosities wherein one might trip over goose wings and catch a swiftly falling cup of coffee followed by a tiny creamer pot spilling it's wares through space).  What this really means is that one, I've been tucked into creativity, and two, I've really missed you!
There has been the delicate swirl of water on heavy paper, the buttery carving of stamps (and smacking them everywhere, oh!  The joy!), the official end of nestering season and the documenting of gifts. 
[There is much more to say on these, but it will have to wait for a later post] 
There has been holy communion with kindred sisters, sometimes over wine, sometimes over cacoa, sometimes a roaring fireplace, sometimes over the beating of drums.
There has been chiming owls, misty skies, black high heels and mud boots, plus a smattering of self-generosity - new house plants included.
And of course, there has been smithing.  I'm calling them Hathor Rings: Luck Amulets for she of a fertile mind and heart, a collection of American turquoise and itsy-bitsy feathers, each drawn and sawn with a rhythmic humming, each one created with prayers of luck and joy breathed into its very fabrication.
(heading into the shop momentarily...)
It's always so good to be back.
Big Love my Friends,
~ Umber ~


MrsLittleJeans said...

Lovely to see you Miss Dove. Those nests are how you see all of the branches, one by one. Have a splendid week! xx

k said...

so much beauty in one post - love it all. really like those rings - just checked on one in the shop but sounds a bit big for me; guess it wasn't meant to be.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

big love back, beauty in words, beauty in pictures, beauty in creativity, beauty in spirit! my beautiful lady be you always xxxxxx

UmberDove said...

MLJ - I would love to see the details that I know you see in such things. Side by side paintings! Or side by side paintings/words!

K - There will be one, and she'll be THE one, I know it. xox!

Jane - Hey, thank YOU beauty!

bev said...

As always, I am adrift in your creative gifts. Please tell us about the last photograph :)

prairiegirl said...

Whoah! Deep mud and bear scat?! Nests and owls that chime? Those watercolors and rings. You REALLY must have had a mighty soulful good time!
Those rings are the prettiest I've ever seen. XX

Kerry Estey Keith said...

what an absolutely rich and rooted post. I love each and every photo of each and every detail. beauty.

Brandi said...

I've missed you here, I always look forward to your words, your photos, your work.
Big love mirrored back to your glowing person!

MJ said...

beautiful, all of it!!!! your work, breathtaking as usual...


Candace Morris said...

Who's that kid in the photo?

bev said...

I didn't mean the last photo, I meant the one with the child. Is that a young you?

Cat said...

missed you too...have been mia myself these days
loven the holy communion with the sisters...oh yeah i can so accept some absence for that
and the crafting of some kick ass rings!!!!

you're awesome

love and light

pencilfox said...

i sure have missed you. truly and indeed.

Lizzie Derksen said...

Is it just me, or is there something new in your work, in that nest watercolour?

pulverschwein said...

I really need a Hathor Ring, is there any way I can get one?
I looked in the shop....
You are amazing!

UmberDove said...

Bev, CRM, that small elf of a curly haired child is the daughter of a friend. She was in the thick of it all at our ladies gathering, a true creative spirit in the making!

And the NESTS! There will be a whole post on them soon, I promise. I just have more to say about them than time right now, and want to give them their due justice!

xox to you all with a cherry on top!
- K

Rubee said...

I LOVE the nesty watercolors and I miss you terribly.

bev said...

Kelly ~ At last month's Women's Drumming Circle on the beach a free-spirit elf of a girl danced with unabashed abandon. . . the lights on her tennis shoes lit up with every step :) My spirit dances like that but my fundamentalist background left vestiges of awkwardness when it comes to dance. sigh

Relyn Lawson said...

What a gorgeous talent you have.