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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Huntress

This is a land story.
Now I know, I know, I'm always telling land stories but these are my truth.  When my feet wander trails tracked only by elk, when the dusk turns snowy peaks sherbet, when creek thaw and lichen mingle in my hair, something happens in my chest.  It's like ten thousand tiny shutters flap open and all that is good in me sees all that is grand on earth.
It begins with coffee, as all great stories do, and a sturdy pair of rubber boots.  It begins with the Ridge at your back and the Mountain to your left.  You stroll along the treeline, boots squishing wetly in the constant rivulets and still pools, dogs crashing a zig-zag in front.  You train your eyes to follow a circuit: gaze the skies (watch the geese in tight formation, watch the solitary eagle lazily circling), back to the trees (they're bare now, look for the dark wedge of nests), sweep the ground (you're bound to find an antler soon), scan the horizon (breath in the mountain cold).  Feel the spring of moss; of course this will make your hands dirty, of course a couple winged things will flutter up, but nothing beats that touch. Jump hard when the dogs accidentally flush a northern spotted owl just fifteen feet to the right, and call out your thanks and apologies.  Pluck that cluster of bright white hair from the thorny brambles and tuck it in a pocket, you'll figure it out later.  Take that green and sun-aged piece of hipbone, leave it in the birch grove (because you know that is holy ground).  And when you finally turn back and take the long way, leave a single strand of hair in exchange for your full heart.
The Huntress Ring
(sterling silver and Arizona Morenci turquoise)


layla may said...

Beautiful story, i'd so love to go for a walk with you! ;) happy wanderings x

prairiegirl said...

Keep your shutters wide open and have plenty of coffee on hand.
I would have loved to walk with the elk hooves, wearing that ring. Really stunning. X

UmberDove said...

Ladies, I'd take you both. There is coffee and land a-plenty!

Cat said...

take me too please...
I will bring the wine skin ; )

beautiful creation sister

love and light

Kerry Estey Keith said...

O my, it's almost too much. The walk with you, the sites and sounds and then...that ring! the weight of it; so grounded. Thank you.


k said...

She's a beauty. I almost wish I'd seen it earlier and snapped her up...but I'm doing a little prayer dance for that big piece of turquoise I saw on Instagram.

foxysue said...

When I read your story I thought 'Love & Light' would love to be here! Seeing the comments there she is Cat, can I tag along too?!! x

Abigail Jasmine said...

Wow! That is a beaut! You're so talented, Miss Dove!

UmberDove said...

Cat - And we'll open it in the birch grove... xox

Kerry - I know you know land like this too! Thank YOU sister.

K - Oh man, I want to be a greedy, greedy horder with that piece, but I keep pulling it back on to the silver bench dreaming of how it wants to be set. Which means it may debut soon. ;)

FoxySue - Hehe, you know her well!

Abigail - Oh lady, thanks!