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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To Stride over Hill and Dell

To stride over hill and dell
To stride over hill and dell
To scoop up these small facets of light,
refracted by the holly, broken by the western squall.
My fingernails are ever gritty with the marks of the land,
the discards of crows and
the vain attempts of snatching scent from the loam.
But if I've learned one thing, 
it's that there is no "too old" for squatting in the detritus, sifting for story.
For when I rise, they dip their heads in conspiratorial agreement,
For the crows and I, we sing in bones.


pencilfox said...

such a powerful stride.
and those words. just as powerful.

Jay Bell said...

Wow, Kelly! How deep and arresting. I also am not near "too old" to dive into the duff. I thoroughly enjoy sharing your vocabulatory adventures and journeys. Dad

Joyful said...

I love the photo of your purposeful stride. Glad you are doing well. xx

bev said...

"there is no "too old" for squatting in the detritus, sifting for story" ~ AMEN little sister

UmberDove said...

Here Here my friends (and Dad!!)!

Brandi said...

I would love to sift wtih you. Gather stories, and conjure them as well.
Beautiful photo!

Hanna Gimpel said...

beautiful words

Kerry Estey Keith said...

Oh, the detritus; sometimes I actually roll in it! Love this.

Willow said...

Moving, and love the greetings of crow however they should come to me

prairiegirl said...

Hey You.
I've got a thing for Crows
and singing in the forest.