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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Gratitude and Gizzards

A List of Thanks that I have to give 
(plus one video to offer you the gift of laughing at me).
1) For Terrariums inside (yep, still really excited about them), for green moss outside that covers the cold concrete of my city like balm.
2) For the cold snap of November that chills my fingers and scratches my throat but makes me feel alive.
3) For hot tea in handmade mugs.
4) For two furry little kitty boys who know just when to snuggle up and offer the love, purring away to ease my mind.
5) For a studio space that is all my own, for painting, for writing, for thinking.
6) For healthy, beautiful relationships with family, with friends, with my husband.
7) For inspiration in its myriad of forms, that never leaves me.
8) For radiant heat, toasty on the frostiest nights.
9) For the crows whose harsh calls speak to me of melancholy beauty and the chickadees whose trilling songs bring a sly grin to my mouth.
10) For new gloves in a crisp hounds-tooth print.
11) For being a regular at the very best cappuccino stand in the city.
12) For my first gallery show in Seattle this year.
13) For take-out sushi and cheap steaming bowls of pho, and the conversations BC and I have shared over both.
14) For friends I have made in the last year, who have touched my soul, honored my moods, laughed at my jokes and celebrated my successes - whom I have still never stood face to face with.

Please PLEASE forgive me this terrible sideways video.  I spent far too long on the computer this morning trying to turn it right but only succeeded in removing all the volume - and believe me, the soundtrack is worth saving!  This was BC and my first time hosting Thanksgiving back in 2002 and believe me, I've come a loooong way!

15) Not having to prepare the turkey this year!

Ok, Whatever you eating, whoever you are sharing it with, I wish you the very most peaceful day of thanks and remembrance of blessings!


BC said...

I was there filming that, and have now watched that video about 10 times in the last 1/2 hour, and I am still laughing every time.

You are so awesomely silly babe!

John said...

Too funny!!! So if we were to give Kelly a plump young turkey to prepare now, in 2008, she'd be fine, right????

(I believe we may need to see some proof of that.)

Happy thanksgiving, you two.

UmberDove said...

Oh man, I would be sooooo glad to make another video, but, shoot, I'm just bringing the cheese and booze this year. Too bad that's not gonna work out, John!

mme. bookling said...

i have some recent (sage-stuffing chicken) data that makes me think she might still require some other hand to dig inside the bird.

i love that while this was being filmed, joel and i were on our honeymoon.

jenae said...

i laughed so hard at your video! and i'm not sure i've ever heard someone say they're going to "yak" - isn't that a large animal? :)

you are too cute!

Melissa said...

Haha! I have always managed to wiggle my way out of turkey duties! Someday I imagine that John will be taking a similar video... I doubt I will actually get the innards out though.

Well done!

thewindhover said...

Hehe - I think I loved your little high pitched "ack" the best! And was that the Utah Saints playing in the background? All that time ago... It has hard to tell! And I think that is a beautiful list of thanks.

Little Sparrows Nest said...

Ohhh, it looks as though you already have a thanksgiving list of your own, but never mind, maybe you would still enjoy this one too?

Take Care and see you in the wind!

Mum said...

You've come a long way since that fateful Thursday in '02. And, I am confident that today you could whip a free-range, organic gourmet turkey into shape with no problem at all.
However, I am certain there will always be a part of you that will yak at the grotesquely ridiculous (such as, a decapitated turkey's neck shoved inside its already humiliated, pathetic, pink corpse).

The Noisy Plume: said...

I watched this little video of yours last night and nearly died laughing because I felt similar feelings of disgust yesterday when I tucked into some stuffing and pondered on how I was eating something that had been shoved up the rump of a dead bird, cooked, removed and then placed in a pretty serving dish. GuffaWWWWW.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and the wonderful BC.


she said...

it is amazing to me how different (how much older & more elegant, strong) you look now compared to the adorable squealing girl in the video. i think it's that much more fascinating b/c i didn't "know" you then.

this post made me say "hmm" and "hahaha." a good combination :)