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Monday, November 3, 2008

Save the Date...

... because the new and breath-taking UmberDove 2009 Calendar is right around the corner! You can clap your hand or squeal in merriment because that is what I am doing about it. I'm pouring in the work right now, finishing up all twelve watercolored paintings that form the basis for the twelve calendar months of the year.

Want a sneak peak?

Of course these ones are still in progress, but you are looking at the proud, future months of January, July, December and June (and I'm not telling which is which - got to keep some suspense around here!).

The 2009 Calendar will be officially available for purchase Saturday November 15th through my little shop o' wonders, all ready for giving and getting (did I mention Christmas is a really great time to give an UmberDove calendar?).
And stay tuned in for the Calendar Give Away Kick Off Party which will be happening right here, on this blog, Friday, November 14th (you don't even have to bring anything, just show up, read the post for that day, and leave me a comment and a free calendar could be yours! Now don't you wish you had a calendar to mark that on...).


mme. bookling said...

gorgeous new header, looks crazy PRO!

thewindhover said...

How brilliant!I cannot wait to get my hands on one! It is so special to see your work sitting up like that, so careful and beautiful...

she said...

hm. i opened this page prepared to say i love the new blogette banner. mme. beat me to it. so i'll be satisfied to echo. i love the distressed lettering.

thanks for the advance glimpse :)

BC said...

WOOT! A calendar that (hopefully) won't end in blood sweat and tears!!!

Also, the header does look seriously pro. Awesome job!

AvenueFog said...

Umber, my lovliest of lovely darlings... may I have a November page for my 2008?

I can't wait for the '09 edition!

Iscah Mara said...

it emerges the day after my bday - curious, fortuitous?
can't wait to see november's page!